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Is Bilawal a real subsitute for his mother?

Posted by Electrical Engineer

No, not exactly because he is politically immature and is still in his teens and it would take him decades to become that much popular and mature provided he is not killed.

Should elections be delayed?

Posted by Electrical Engineer

Elections should be delayed for atleast 2-3 months so that the conditions become favourable.Current situation of the country is very dangerous and it might result in many complications if elections are held on January 8th.

Who is responsible for Benazir murder, Al-Qaeda or PML-Q?

Posted by Electrical Engineer

I think PML-Q is responsible for her murder because Q-league is Qaatil league as quoted by Mr. Zardari in his today's press conference,actually Chaudhry brothers never wanted to see Nawaz Sharif and Benazir come back to Pakistan because they knew that they will not be able to control the over whelming response of people towards them and their(Chaudhry brothers) polictical suvival will be in danger.

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated!

Posted by Unknown

Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed in a gun and bomb attack after a rally in Rawalpindi on December 27, 2007. A private tv channel said she had been shot in the head. Police said a suicide bomber fired shots at Benazir as she was leaving the rally venue in a park before blowing himself up. “The man first fired at Bhutto's vehicle. She ducked and then he blew himself up,”
It really is a sad news. Things everywhere in Pakistan have got into a bad shape.